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Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol is the tabletop Dir/Dp and lifestyle Director duo of John McCabe and Scott Betty. 


John has been a successful table top DP for several years, shooting for a wide range of diverse Lifestyle & Food and Beverage clients.

Including Johnny Walker, KFC, Dunkin, Hershey's, Chobaini, McDonald's, and Burger King, just to name a few. 

John's eye for detail has evolved over many years of lighting and shooting for the A-List table top directors in the commercial arena. 


Scott's strength is his interaction and ease with people from all walks of life, in the streets, on the road, up in the mountains or @ the beach. 

Scott has been traveling the world since he was a teen, as and avid Surfer. 


Scott, developed a passion for filmmaking at age 14 shooting surf films with his friends; his passion for cinema lead him to film school at San Francisco, state where he eared a BA in Cinema. From there Scott, worked in  post  before going onto work in the programming department in the San Francisco, International film festival, then moving on to directing his own projects 


John and Scott connected a few years ago, collaborating on commercials as a DP and Director... Also, both have in common not only their passion to create authentic compelling visual films to connect with audiences... but their Stoke & dedication to the ocean: Scott surfing and John as an avid Kite Surfer. 


They love to collaborate and they fully comprehend the intricate alliance between Director, Agency, & Client. 


Scott & John both have numerous years of production experience, working in all elements of production and share a common  passion

to create authentic compelling visual films that connect with audiences...  They understand todays challenges in production and

embrace finding creative solutions for every job.


Dawn Patrol's, passion for filmmaking & storytelling draws from a wide range of influences including- film, photography, art, music,

travel, family, and life experience. Their talent lies in their ability to tell memorable stories with compelling visuals and authentic performances. 

For Dawn Patrol, whatever the medium it is all about communicating in a genuine, real way that connects with the audience and their taste buds!


Dawn Patrol, will travel any where in the world to make a story come alive. Each shoot dictate their approach and no shoot is ever the same they stay flexible and ever evolving when it comes to storytelling.  

As collaborative team players; whatever it takes they adapt to the conditions and produce the best work possible. No one person is ever bigger then the project.


Excited @ the possibility to collaborate with New Clients in 2019. 


Dawn Patrol

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